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30- 60- & 90-Day Wellness Programs.

Live well. Let us help.

The day-to-day choices you make influence whether you maintain vitality as you age or develop sub-optimal health conditions.  While you may understand exactly what you need to do live well, like exercise and eat right, overcoming the intertia of jumping into wellness is a challenge.

By committing to a simple, easy-to-follow 30- 60- or 90-day program that utilizes conventional and alternative treatments and strategies designed by Mend, you can overcome the challenge and be on your way to living well.  Mend has developed strategies and regimens for at-home living and in-office treatment to address specific health deficits and make that leap towards wellness an attainable one.

30- 60- & 90-Day Wellness Program Details.

What are Mend’s 30- 60- & 90-Day Wellness Programs?

Mend’s 30- 60- & 90-Day Wellness Programs are easy-to-access programs that are designed to help patient’s address areas of health & wellness, such as sleep and energy, via an easy-to-follow naturopathic program of herbal medicines & nutraceuticals, vitamin shots, lifestyle protocols, and Health Coaching.  These programs are designed for people who aren’t as accustomed to naturopathic treatments and are looking for short-term options with a dedicated Health Coach to improve areas of health and become their optimal selves.

There are 30- 60- & 90-Day Wellness Programs designed to address the following areas of health:

  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Digestion
  • Stress & Mood
  • Pain Control

Each program is either a 30-, 60-, or 90-Day plan to help address, improve, and restore optimum activity in these areas.

What are the components of each program?

Patients can select one of two packages:

  • Essential
  • Premium

In the Essential package, the following components are included are part of your wellness program:

  • Health Coaching:  Feeling well and restoring health comes down to daily choices, which is why you’ll have 1:1 access to a Health Coach in-person and along the way, particularly early in the program, to help guide you through the program and monitor your progress & status.  Health Coaches are accessible via in-person visits at Mend and phone/secured text messaging/e-mail.
  • Herbal Medicine & Nutraceuticals Mend provides physician-formulated herbal medicines & nutraceuticals, such as echinacea, kava kava, and turmeric, which are globally sourced and curated to deliver the purest medicinal properties and allow the body to heal itself.  These are to be taken at home as directed.
  • Vitamin Shots:  Included in the Wellness program are vitamin shots to be received at any Mend location.  These vitamin compounds are an effective way to further replenish your body and restore vitamins and minerals into your system
  • Lifestyle Protocols:  Depending upon the length of the program (30-, 60-, or 90-Days), patients will be asked to follow at home protocols surrounding diet, exercise, and water intake.  Nutritional suggestions and guidance regarding diet, like natural foods to include and to exclude from your diet, are provided as part of the protocol.

In the Premium package, patients receive all elements of the Essential package PLUS the following add-ins for maximum results:

  • Wellness-based Lab Screenings:  At the beginning of the program, patients will get baseline lab tests to measure their areas of health (e.g. vitamin & micronutrient deficiencies).  At the end of the program, the same lab tests will be taken to measure progress & improvement.
  • IV Vitamin Program:  In addition to receiving in-person Vitamin Shots, patients will receive IV Vitamin Therapy treatments on a recurring basis to further improve the vitamin & mineral make-up of your body during the program and restore optimal function.

What do I pay for the program?

Each 30- 60- & 90-Day program includes a single upfront fee that will cover all the above components of the plan.

What do I do after the program is finished?

Once your program is completed, you’ll assess with your practitioner and/or health coach to assess the results of your program and how to maintain optimal function in your targeted area of health and enact other lifestyle changes.

Patients are also welcome to continue on with a particular Health Coach as well as enter Mend’s Integrative & Lifestyle practice as a regular patient for continual care under physician supervision.

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